Jim Furyk Championship Golf at Glynlea Country Club

17-time PGA Tour champion Jim Furyk is bringing his design expertise to Glynlea Country Club. Inspired by his global golf experience, Furyk incorporated many unique and memorable features while understanding what makes a golf course fun for amateur players. The course design at Glynlea will provide an unforgettable experience for avid golfers while demonstrating an appreciation for those who are new to the game. As one of Florida’s newest golf courses, Port St. Lucie will be home to one of Florida’s best golf courses.

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Glynlea golf course
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A Golf Course
Designed for

This exceptional golf course achieves harmony between challenge and playability. Its distinctive design features five breathtaking par 3s and five par 5s, setting the stage for a remarkable golfing experience. Furyk designed the course to integrate the natural wetland water features, enhancing the scenic beauty and offering opportunities for memorable encounters with wildlife. The water comes into play from the back tees but does not impact the player’s enjoyment from the front tees. The greens have been thoughtfully crafted with generous open areas in the front to facilitate rolling shots, and strategically positioned bunkers serve to guide players' shot selections without unfairly penalizing a well-executed shot.
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A Premier Hampton
Golf Program

Golf transcends being merely a game; it's an enduring passion and a source of unparalleled camaraderie. Whether you're a dedicated sports enthusiast or someone teeing off for the very first time, Glynlea Country Club offers a warm and inclusive experience through its comprehensive golf program designed with families in mind. At Glynlea, our golf program managed by Hampton Golf will foster an environment where everyone, from seasoned golfers to beginners, can come together to share in the joy and lasting connections that this remarkable sport has to offer.

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Golf Tracer

Glynlea Country Club will feature cutting-edge golf tracer technology at our state-of-the-art Toptracer Aqua Range. This technology provides precise shot tracking for swing improvement and engaging game modes to enhance your golfing skills, all while enjoying the unique over-water driving range experience.

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Glynlea Golf membership

A New Kind of
Golf Membership

Being a homeowner within Glynlea Country Club provides you with a remarkable array of privileges without the financial burdens often associated with high-profile private club communities. From the moment we welcome you to the community, you can fully enjoy all of the amenities the Club Campus offers. It's a distinctive advantage that fosters a family-friendly club lifestyle. Golf Memberships are available at a fee that is not only accessible but also attainable for all who call Glynlea home.

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