Golf Tracer Technology

Golf tracer technology is an innovative system that effortlessly tracks your every shot, providing invaluable data that you can harness to refine your swing and reach new heights in your game. But that’s not all – our golf tracer technology offers a fun twist with its game mode, where you can transform your practice sessions into thrilling challenges that are not only entertaining but also incredibly beneficial for honing your golfing skills.

Driving Range

Getting into the swing of things should be as fun as playing 18 holes on the course. At Glynlea, a lighted aqua Toptracer Range will be available to Members and provide an entertaining venue to quench that competitive spirit. This cutting-edge golf tracer technology uses advanced floating golf balls that allow you to take precise aim at floating greens. Whether you’re meeting the neighbors after work for fun or working on your follow-through with our training staff, Glynlea will add excitement and entertainment.
people on the Glynlea golf course